How to Contextualize Your Supply Chain Data to Reduce Risk

The increased complexity brought on by globalization has only exacerbated the issue, resulting in increased levels of supply chain risk often left unmanaged by manufacturers struggling to allocate the time and resources to properly address compounding problems. But successfully mitigating risk in a volatile landscape can be done — with Industry ...
BLOG Oct 04

Why Capturing Data is Important to Becoming a Smart Manufacturer

Factories are becoming smarter through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), and manufacturers looking to reap the benefits of these Smart Manufacturing technologies must approach the digital transformation at its starting point — the collection of data. Read on for more about why data ...
BLOG Sep 27

5 Important Steps to be Considered a Smart Manufacturing Firm

Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, digital transformation — these terms all refer to the application of computer-based digital technologies, interconnectivity, data analytics, and automation to transform what’s possible for manufacturing, with benefits including improved quality, yield, safety, and efficiency. Many manufacturers have made the ...
BLOG Sep 20

Take a Deeper Dive Into the Manufacturing Process by Identifying Blind Spots that can Improve Productivity and Safety

Blind spots in manufacturing can be one of the greatest obstacles manufacturers face when it comes to maximizing operational efficiency and ensuring safety in the workplace. Staying competitive in a complex manufacturing landscape requires going beyond the obvious, standard practices to identify the blind spots that hinder optimal manufacturing ...
BLOG Sep 13

Why Transformational Intelligence Delivers Actionable Insights for Manufacturers

Manufacturers may have access to data — in fact they may be swimming in it. But the difference maker in optimizing manufacturing processes comes when that data is contextualized, analyzed, and leveraged in real time. Transformational Intelligence is contextualizing data and delivering actionable insights for manufacturers across industries for ...
BLOG Aug 23

How Sustainable is Your Supply Chain and How Can You Improve It?

Do you know how sustainable your supply chain is? Sustainability is an ever-increasing concern for businesses as awareness grows around environmental issues and the impact of human activity on our planet. By increasing sustainability in the supply chain, manufacturers can be a part of the drive towards a greener future, while reducing waste and ...
BLOG Aug 16

What is the Future of Supply Chain Management in Chemical Manufacturing?

Amidst globalization, increasing supply chain complexity, and a volatile global landscape, the importance of supply chain management cannot be overstated. This is perhaps especially true in the chemical industry, one of the world’s largest economic sectors that touches the majority of the manufactured goods we depend on every day. Conditions in ...
BLOG Aug 02

What Does Pharmaceutical Traceability Mean for Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Traceability in the pharmaceutical industry is of paramount importance, now more so than ever as recent challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, increasingly strict regulations, and intensified consumer demand for transparency have put more of a global spotlight on pharmaceutical supply chain operations. In light of such developments, end-to-end ...
BLOG Jul 26

How to Reduce Supply Chain Redundancy With Technology

Events of recent years have exposed vulnerabilities within companies and entire industries in the wake of major supply chain disruptions globally. There has been a long-time focus in supply chain management on increasing the redundancy of supply chain operations to create a more resilient organization, one better capable of withstanding costly ...
BLOG Jul 19

Why You Should Be Contextualizing Data Upstream Midstream and Downstream

It’s one thing to have access to data — amidst today’s data explosion, that’s easy. It’s quite another to be able to make sense of that data. Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing technologies are now making advanced contextualization of data possible, so manufacturers can leverage the full value of the wealth of operational information available to ...
BLOG Jul 05

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