How To Improve Supply Chain Traceability In 2022

Have you ever noticed that complexity is really quite complex? Yet they say simplicity is complexity resolved. It’s really quite simple. Wait, what? Think about feats of strength or athleticism that leave you feeling underwhelmed. The general retort is often, “Well, could you do that?” No, the average person wouldn’t be able to pull those things ...
BLOG Jan 19

Reshaping the Future Workforce to Support Smart Manufacturing

ThinkIQ is starting a fireside chat series with industry experts Greg Ladd, vice president of sales for ThinkIQ, Doug Lawson, Founder and CEO of ThinkIQ and Jake Barr, CEO of World Supply Chain Consulting sharing need to know thoughts for smart manufacturing in 2022. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite beverage and spend just 14 minutes ...
BLOG Jan 12

5 Common Manufacturing Challenges Supply Chains Will Face in the New Year

Marines say “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.” And that’s exactly what the world has been doing since COVID-19 really started changing our way of life in early 2020. It’s incredible to think that early on, we spoke in terms of things resuming back to normal in just a couple of weeks, then later by Easter, and on and on the deadline for normalcy has ...
BLOG Jan 05

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season and New Year

From all of us at ThinkIQ, we wish you a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season and prosperous New Year
BLOG Dec 29

How Smart Manufacturing Enables Business Value

Doug Lawson, ThinkIQ CEO speaks at the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Summit 2021 on "How Smart Manufacturing Enables Business Value". Everyone responsible for supply chain and manufacturing optimization should not mee this presentation which can be seen here
BLOG Dec 22

Hyper-Automation For The Supply Chain

They say, “Take no half measures.” Half measures are actions that only achieve part of what they are intended to achieve and are the reason many home improvement projects, famous portraits of presidents, and great novels remain unfinished. And let’s be honest — how does your spouse feel about projects around the house gone by the wayside? Half ...
BLOG Dec 15

Why Visualization Is Transforming Continuous Data Analysis

Remember MS-DOS computers? Show the C prompt to anyone born after 1990, and they’ll probably look at you like you’re wearing a tin foil hat. To execute the simplest of tasks on your computer, you had to know a whole language of commands. It was like asking “regular folk” to be Python coders just to binge cat memes — you know, basic computing ...
BLOG Dec 01

Recent Cyber Attacks Expose Risks Of Modern Supply Chains

Want to buy a new car? Good luck with that. Interested in picking up a high-end graphics processor for your gaming computer or crypto farm? Fat chance. Hey, let’s just hope toilet paper doesn’t start drying up from store shelves again. As the holidays, Black Friday, and the busiest time of the shopping year approaches, we keep hearing about one ...
BLOG Nov 17

How To Mitigate Supply Chain Risks By Transforming Your Data

Modern problems require modern solutions. You wouldn’t have your Tesla Model X serviced by a blacksmith. Nor would you get your Wi-Fi network installed by a an old-timey switchboard operator. It stands to reason, then, that in matters of mitigating risk in the supply chain brought on by unique disruptions such as a global pandemic, companies can’t ...
BLOG Nov 03

What Is Supply Chain Management In The Chemical Industry?

Once upon a time, the combustion engine was a threat to everyday life as man knew it. Somewhere, a resentful stagecoach driver shook his fist at the prospect of him and his horses losing their jobs to this newfangled “horseless carriage.” In hindsight, of course, resistance would have been ridiculous. The automobile revolutionized humanity as we ...
BLOG Sep 29

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