3 Key Industry 4.0 Technology Trends Changing Manufacturing in 2023

Amidst the increasing global economic instability of the last few years, manufacturers have adapted by adopting new Industry 4.0 technology solutions to turn turmoil into a competitive advantage. These technologies are shaping the future of manufacturing for greater resilience and efficiency as they continue to revolutionize the way factories and ...
BLOG Jan 25

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Setting Up Your Smart Factory

The face of modern manufacturing is evolving amidst global unpredictability, shifting customer demands, and growing digitalization. These changes have led many manufacturers to embark on an Industry 4.0 digital transformation for their operations. Smart Manufacturing is becoming the future of the industry, but getting started on the journey there ...
BLOG Jan 10

Santa Claus is a Power User of ThinkIQ’s Computer Vision & Material Tracking System

The North Pole Times conducted a months long investigation that included dozens of interviews with elf helpers at the main toy factory. The elves requested anonymity to reveal just how much times have changed with the introduction of ThinkIQ’s machine learning, and computer vision.
BLOG Dec 21

5 Benefits of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) for Manufacturers

The global market for data analytics continues to grow as more enterprises seek effective ways to manage, streamline, and process large data sets. To that end, Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) offers a solution for bringing together manufacturing and operations data that helps organizations optimize operations while making better ...
BLOG Dec 13

Why Not All Smart Factories Are Created Equal

More and more, manufacturers are investing in Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing technologies to build modernized smart factories. When implemented correctly, these technologies create a connected environment that enables better decision making, and the optimization of efficiency and productivity. But not all smart factories are created equal. Read ...
BLOG Dec 06

How Manufacturers Address Supply Chain Needs with Modern Technology

There has been no shortage of supply chain challenges for manufacturers in recent years. Rising consumer demand is just one example — last year in the U.S demand surged 15%, contributing to the overwhelming of a system that operates primarily with physical documents and siloed data. The resulting bottlenecks slowed the flow of goods, caused ...
BLOG Nov 15

Pellissippi State Community College & the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services Technical Showcase

Join Pellissippi State Community College & the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services for the second event in our complimentary Technology Showcase series!  This event features Machine Vision to create Visual Twins of your factory floor with hardware kits & technology from ThinkIQ.
BLOG Nov 14

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Future of Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies most integral to Industry 4.0 manufacturing, and companies are increasingly embracing it to power their smart factories. According to a McKinsey Global Institute analysis, early adopters of AI can anticipate significantly larger economic gains than those that lag behind. Leaders of these ...
BLOG Nov 01

Think IQ

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