You’re Doing It Wrong: How Discrete Manufacturing Analytics Can Help You Increase Your Machine Utilization… Without Hardware Upgrades

In any manufacturing industry, time equals money. Efficiency is key. The more efficient a manufacturing operation, the less downtime and waste, the greater the productivity and profitability. Increasing machine utilization is essential to maximizing production efficiency, productivity, and profitability, but many manufacturers aren’t capturing the ...
BLOG Feb 21

Why Manufacturers are Using Transformational Intelligence to Turn their Data into Insights.

Modern manufacturers receive massive amounts of data from various sources, including not only their own IIoT devices and machines, but also from their vendors, customers, and supply chains. This much data can be overwhelming and difficult to make sense of. That’s where Transformational Intelligence comes in. In this article: A Treasure of Raw Data ...
BLOG Feb 02

Understanding Real-Time Data to Mitigate Safety Issues in Your Manufacturing Yard

A well-managed manufacturing yard is essential to a thriving manufacturing enterprise. Data is key to the optimization of yard operations, but data lacking insight can cause manufacturing blind spots that prove detrimental to yard safety. Access to realtime data delivering actionable insight is critical to ensuring the safe interaction between ...
BLOG Dec 20

Making Sense of Manufacturing Data by Contextualizing it

The manufacturing industry in the digital era has no shortage of data. Industry 4.0 technologies like the industrial internet of things (IIoT) have enabled interconnectivity between devices, machines, and people in-plant and across the supply chain, driving data collection on a variety of aspects of manufacturing operations. Gathering data for the ...
BLOG Nov 22

Think IQ

The Industry 4.0 Data Revolution

Proven to improve manufacturing yield, safety, quality, and compliance by making sense of your data.

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