Five Benefits Of Using Continuous Intelligence In A Supply Chain Control Tower

Who’s looking for some stability in an unstable world? Maybe with a little reliability, clarity, predictability, too? Manufacturers are, especially today, in need of solutions to the vexing supply chain management problems that have changed our world. One (big) solution: smart supply chain control towers. The use of continuous intelligence in ...
BLOG Apr 13

How Supply Chain Disruptions Have Changed Initiatives And Priorities In 2022

The concept of a “known unknown” has become the reality around today’s global supply chain disruptions, which are set to continue into 2022 and perhaps beyond. Covid-19 has had a massive impact, and now the Ukraine situation is causing further uncertainty. Both extremely difficult situations also point out just how critical our supply chains are. ...
BLOG Mar 16

What's The Difference Between Intelligent Control Towers And Traditional Distribution Management?

Remember dad’s stories about the good old days? Maybe you just finished complaining—then he’d recount how in his day, he and his friends had to walk to school, uphill both ways — in a snowstorm, of course. That’s right. Things used to be more difficult. No one, though, actually likes doing things the hard way. Besides, it’s much more impressive to ...
BLOG Mar 02

A Journey To Certain Safety: The Future Of Food Supply Chains

Doug Lawson, ThinkIQ CEO speaks at the American Food Manufacturing Summit 2021 on "A Journey To Certain Safety: The Future Of Food Supply Chains". Everyone responsible for food & beverage supply chain or any manufacturing optimization should take the time to check out this presentation which can been seen here.
BLOG Feb 21

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