What is the Industrial IoT Platform and How Does it Affect Our Supply Chains

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has transformed modern day businesses through a digitally connected world of sensor-enabled physical objects and technologies, helping companies to harness data for better insights in order to streamline operations and improve their bottom line. The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is delivering the same ...
BLOG Jul 12

How Traceability And Manufacturing Software Improves Efficiency

Efficiency is a top priority for manufacturers in every industry. From the mining industry to the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry to the food & beverage industry, manufacturers want to know how to get more done, in less time, with fewer complications. Traceability software in manufacturing is a powerful tool that helps ...
BLOG May 18

What Is Supply Chain Traceability And How Can It Reduce Waste In Your Supply Chain?

Concerned about profits, supply chains, the environment, or your organization’s public reputation? One surprising way to enhance all those areas is to consider your supply chain, particularly the inefficiencies. Waste not, want not, as the old adage goes, is a fine, pithy sentiment to be sure. The “waste not” part however has often proven to be a ...
BLOG Feb 02

How To Improve Supply Chain Traceability In 2022

Have you ever noticed that complexity is really quite complex? Yet they say simplicity is complexity resolved. It’s really quite simple. Wait, what? Think about feats of strength or athleticism that leave you feeling underwhelmed. The general retort is often, “Well, could you do that?” No, the average person wouldn’t be able to pull those things ...
BLOG Jan 19

Think IQ

The Industry 4.0 Data Revolution

Proven to improve manufacturing yield, safety, quality, and compliance by making sense of your data.

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