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ThinkIQ Exhibiting At SOUTHTEC 2023

#SOUTHTEC2023 October 24-26 in Greenville, SC is shaping up to be THE event for vendor-agnostic Smart Manufacturing strategies! The 3-day event will be demonstrating the business value of Smart Manufacturing, the best of technology innovations that are reducing the cost and complexity, and providing a chance to engage with manufacturing thought ...
BLOG Sep 20

Why Implement Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Today

"We live in interesting times" is a quote that seems to be echoed daily across all areas of manufacturing and the supplychain given the rapid change sin supply and demand. Unfortunately, change is as inevitable as death and taxes. Change, in fact, is the driver of those two certainties. If changes in health due to age, genes, and environment don’t ...
BLOG Sep 13

How Can Supply Chain Traceability Reduce Manufacturing Waste

Concerned about profits, supply chains, the environment, or your organization’s public reputation? One surprising way to enhance all those areas is to consider your supply chain, particularly the inefficiencies. Waste not, want not, as the old adage goes, is a fine, pithy sentiment to be sure. The “waste not” part however has often proven to be a ...
BLOG Aug 30

ThinkIQ Named Finalist For OC Octane High Tech Award

Octane announced the highly anticipated finalists for their prestigious 2023 High Tech Awards! These awards celebrate and recognize the exceptional individuals and companies who have driven innovation and displayed outstanding excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology and ThinkIQ is proud to be recognized as a finalist in the Best ...
BLOG Aug 22

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Yard Operations: Unleashing the Power of AI - Part 2

This is a continuation of last week's blog Revolutionizing Manufacturing Yard Operations: Unleashing the Power of AI, so if you haven't read that yet please do so now here.
BLOG Aug 15

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Yard Operations: Unleashing the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence is increasingly emerging as an indispensable solution to address industry challenges within the manufacturing sector. obstacles in the manufacturing yard — a critical site within the industrial ecosystem — businesses are turning to the power of AI to unlock untapped potential for enhanced safety, optimized processes, and ...
BLOG Aug 08

The Hidden Link: How Data Capture is the First Step Towards a Smart Factory

In today's era of advanced technologies and digital transformation, the concept of a smart factory has emerged as a beacon of productivity and efficiency for manufacturers. To achieve the vision of a fully automated and intelligent factory, there are several elements that must be incorporated, the most fundamental of which is data capture. Data ...
BLOG Aug 01

Real-World Applications of Data Integration and Data Visualization

How are data integration and data visualization solutions playing out in the real-world?
BLOG Jul 25

Navigating the Data Maze: The Role of Data Integration & Data Visualization in Smart Manufacturing

Would an airport allow flights without a tower full of screens showing exactly where every aircraft is located? Never. But complex businesses today are frequently flying without integrated data, nor any real visualization of their critical processes. Data has become critical to any manufacturing operation, but only properly utilized data. The ...
BLOG Jul 18

The Future is Now: How AI and Machine Learning are Revolutionizing Manufacturing

In a world driven by technological advancements, industries are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their productivity and efficiency. The manufacturing sector is no exception, as it embraces the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to usher in a new era of automation and optimization. These transformative ...
BLOG Jul 11

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