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Making Sense of Manufacturing Data by Contextualizing it

The manufacturing industry in the digital era has no shortage of data. Industry 4.0 technologies like the industrial internet of things (IIoT) have enabled interconnectivity between devices, machines, and people in-plant and across the supply chain, driving data collection on a variety of aspects of manufacturing operations. Gathering data for the ...
BLOG Nov 22

How Manufacturers Address Supply Chain Needs with Modern Technology

There has been no shortage of supply chain challenges for manufacturers in recent years. Rising consumer demand is just one example — last year in the U.S demand surged 15%, contributing to the overwhelming of a system that operates primarily with physical documents and siloed data. The resulting bottlenecks slowed the flow of goods, caused ...
BLOG Nov 15

Pellissippi State Community College & the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services Technical Showcase

Join Pellissippi State Community College & the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services for the second event in our complimentary Technology Showcase series!  This event features Machine Vision to create Visual Twins of your factory floor with hardware kits & technology from ThinkIQ.
BLOG Nov 14

How to Eliminate Dwell Time of Materials in Manufacturing?

The U.S manufacturing sector has faced formidable challenges in recent times — factors such as the pandemic, labor shortages, geopolitical conflicts, and inflation have disrupted supply chains and production, while exposing operational vulnerabilities. As the recovery period continues, challenges remain, and the stakes are great for manufacturers ...
BLOG Nov 08

Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and, in many cases, manufacturers can’t measure what they can’t see. In this podcast, ThinkIQ’s Rob Schoenthaler shares the company’s vision for the future of smart manufacturing with SME Media Senior Editor Steve Plumb. In addition to the latest automated and digital solutions, companies must integrate ...
BLOG Nov 02

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Future of Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies most integral to Industry 4.0 manufacturing, and companies are increasingly embracing it to power their smart factories. According to a McKinsey Global Institute analysis, early adopters of AI can anticipate significantly larger economic gains than those that lag behind. Leaders of these ...
BLOG Nov 01

Why Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) is the First Step in the Journey Toward Industry 4.0

Manufacturers in today’s fast-paced, constantly shifting global landscape need to be able to make effective decisions quickly, and to do that they must first have access to the right data. But factors such as complexity within supply chains and data that is spread out in different systems and in different formats can make this challenging. ...
BLOG Oct 25

How AI is Helping Chemical Manufacturers Improve Yield and Safety by Making Sense of their Data

Manufacturers in the chemical industry are continuously facing challenges — recalls, inefficiencies, and quality issues to name a few — and those that do not adapt risk falling behind the competition. Industry 4.0 technologies have already had a significant impact on manufacturing, including in the chemical industry, providing advanced solutions ...
BLOG Oct 18

Defining the Purpose of Traceability in Food Safety

In the Food & Beverage industry, there are a great number of people, suppliers, distributers, and processing steps involved in order for raw materials to become finished goods that are then consumed by customers. With supply chains now extended across the globe, complexity has increased exponentially, making supply chain traceability more ...
BLOG Oct 11

Make Smart Manufacturing Work For You: Save The Date Oct 25, 2022

El Camino College in partnership with CADENCE and CESMII will show you how to make manufacturing more profitable at an event will allow you to meet industry experts who will discuss SMART Manufacturing best practices for small and medium sized businesses.
BLOG Oct 05

Think IQ

The Industry 4.0 Data Revolution

Proven to improve manufacturing yield, safety, quality, and compliance by making sense of your data.

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