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What are Four Elements of Effective Smart Manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0, is revolutionizing manufacturing safety and efficiency. In this blog, we delve into four critical elements required of a Smart Manufacturing system: Visibility, Integrated Data, Robust Analytics, and Aligned, Proactive and Automated Actions.
BLOG Mar 30

Find Your Blind Spots: 7 Things a Manufacturing Manager is Missing

As a manufacturing manager, it's essential to be aware of potential blind spots that could impact your facility's productivity, safety, and overall success. By recognizing these areas and implementing smart manufacturing solutions, you can optimize your operations and ensure a clear path to success. In this blog, we will reveal the common blind ...
BLOG Mar 21

More Efficient Yard Operations Increases Profits in Construction & Cement

Construction and cement are industries in which inefficiencies can quickly become costly — upwards of $177 billion annually for the industry on the whole. Increasingly, organizations are implementing Industry 4.0 digital technologies to reduce delays and help yard operations run more safely, and more smoothly. Let’s look at how construction and ...
BLOG Mar 14

Smart Manufacturing – What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Get Started

Manufacturing Innovation Network, powered by the Center for Economic Growth, is proud to present the RPI Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center and CESMII – “The Smart Manufacturing Institute”, as their industry experts provide an introductory workshop on Smart Manufacturing and why it is critically important to implement now to secure the future ...
BLOG Mar 07

Avoid Recalls: How Food & Beverage Manufacturers are using technology to make their foods safer

Safety is critical in the food and beverage industry. Recalls have a devastating impact on reputation and finances. However, advancements in technology, particularly with smart manufacturing, offer food and beverage manufacturers powerful tools to improve food safety and avoid costly recalls.
BLOG Feb 28

You’re Doing It Wrong: How Discrete Manufacturing Analytics Can Help You Increase Your Machine Utilization… Without Hardware Upgrades

In any manufacturing industry, time equals money. Efficiency is key. The more efficient a manufacturing operation, the less downtime and waste, the greater the productivity and profitability. Increasing machine utilization is essential to maximizing production efficiency, productivity, and profitability, but many manufacturers aren’t capturing the ...
BLOG Feb 21

Increase Profits in Your Manufacturing Business with These 3 Tools

There are several pain points in modern manufacturing that can potentially be addressed with new technologies. What, then, are some of the best ways that modern manufacturing companies — sometimes called Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 — can increase profits?
BLOG Feb 14

How AI Will Affect Food Safety in 2023 and Beyond

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in food manufacturing has been revolutionizing the industry, providing significant benefits in terms of quality control, production efficiency, and, most importantly, food safety. In the coming years, AI is expected to have an even greater impact on food safety from farm to table, helping to prevent food ...
BLOG Feb 07

Why Manufacturers are Using Transformational Intelligence to Turn their Data into Insights.

Modern manufacturers receive massive amounts of data from various sources, including not only their own IIoT devices and machines, but also from their vendors, customers, and supply chains. This much data can be overwhelming and difficult to make sense of. That’s where Transformational Intelligence comes in.   In this article: A Treasure of Raw ...
BLOG Feb 02

3 Key Industry 4.0 Technology Trends Changing Manufacturing in 2023

Amidst the increasing global economic instability of the last few years, manufacturers have adapted by adopting new Industry 4.0 technology solutions to turn turmoil into a competitive advantage. These technologies are shaping the future of manufacturing for greater resilience and efficiency as they continue to revolutionize the way factories and ...
BLOG Jan 25

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