How To Stop Disruptions In Your Supply Chain By Mitigating Known Risks

Don’t you hate interruptions? One moment you’re cruising along, the next, you’re dead in the water. Stranded. All momentum lost. That feeling of being in the zone, fully immersed and focused, is sometimes referred to as the flow state. In this world of attention deficit and people’s focus being pulled in a hundred different directions all at once, ...
BLOG Nov 24

Doug Lawson Speaking At American Food Manufacturing Summit

ThinkIQ CEO and Industry thought leader Doug Lawson spoke at the American Food Manufacturing Summit on Thursday November 14. His topic was "A Journey to Autonomy: The Future of Industrial Supply Chains" and you should check out the recording here:
BLOG Nov 22

Recent Cyber Attacks Expose Risks Of Modern Supply Chains

Want to buy a new car? Good luck with that. Interested in picking up a high-end graphics processor for your gaming computer or crypto farm? Fat chance. Hey, let’s just hope toilet paper doesn’t start drying up from store shelves again. As the holidays, Black Friday, and the busiest time of the shopping year approaches, we keep hearing about one ...
BLOG Nov 17

What Is Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)?

One of the greatest innovations in all computing this century is the pinch-to-zoom. Twenty years ago, touchscreen gestures were not much of a problem. Most touchscreens — we remember the old digital mall map kiosks back in the 1990s that always seemed broken — were limited to keyboard-like taps. But then came the smartphone revolution. Soon, ...
BLOG Nov 10

How To Mitigate Supply Chain Risks By Transforming Your Data

Modern problems require modern solutions. You wouldn’t have your Tesla Model X serviced by a blacksmith. Nor would you get your Wi-Fi network installed by a an old-timey switchboard operator. It stands to reason, then, that in matters of mitigating risk in the supply chain brought on by unique disruptions such as a global pandemic, companies can’t ...
BLOG Nov 03

How Material Ledger Supports Quality Metrics In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Regulation is a tricky thing. One’s first instinct may be to roll his or her eyes at the thought of having progress stymied in the name of bureaucracy. And it’s true, there can be a lot of frustration in regulatory compliance. On the other hand, when someone falls gravely ill due to eating bad chicken or not being able to locate the medicine they ...
BLOG Oct 27

5 Ways A Material Ledger Can Improve a MES For Food Manufacturers

Career success is a funny thing. Typically, you start out in the mail room. Your prime objective is to sort everyone’s mail correctly and deliver it on time. It doesn’t get much more micro than that. The interesting dynamic is that as you achieve your objectives and get promoted through the ranks, that micro focus begins to expand. Before you know ...
BLOG Oct 20

5 Challenges The Chemical Supply Chain and How AI Can Help

What’s a modern car without an ECU? A pile of parts that won’t move. What’s a computer without a CPU? A blank screen. What’s an HVAC system without a thermostat? Thousands of dollars of equipment that won’t stop cooling or heating once the ideal temperature has been achieved. In other words, technology turns pretty useless without a brain. When it ...
BLOG Oct 13

What Are Recent Renovations In Chemical Supply Chain Safety?

Your senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight serve a greater purpose. They’re not just for breathing in freshly baked bread, swishing a glass of pinot noir, listening to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, squeezing the Charmin, and laying eyes on the love of your life. All wonderful pursuits of course, but the most vital task of the ...
BLOG Oct 06

What Is Supply Chain Management In The Chemical Industry?

Once upon a time, the combustion engine was a threat to everyday life as man knew it. Somewhere, a resentful stagecoach driver shook his fist at the prospect of him and his horses losing their jobs to this newfangled “horseless carriage.” In hindsight, of course, resistance would have been ridiculous. The automobile revolutionized humanity as we ...
BLOG Sep 29

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