Realtime Reporting On Critical Activities And Events For Manufacturing

What’s the bedrock of a manufacturing business that runs smoothly and efficiently? Realtime reporting. Managers of manufacturing enterprises need to know what’s happening with their operations, the granular details that illuminate progress, process, and potential problems, and they need that information to be accurate, and timely. As Industry 4.0 ...
BLOG May 25

Computer Vision Can Reduce Accidents and Avoid Injuries

Machine Learning trained to watch for anomalies as part of a Safety Management System When I started working summer jobs in construction and later worked as a materials/supply chain manager in back in the 1970’s, workplace safety was often an afterthought. I recall several near misses that occurred, especially the heavy equipment operator clipping ...
BLOG May 20

How Traceability And Manufacturing Software Improves Efficiency

Efficiency is a top priority for manufacturers in every industry. From the mining industry to the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry to the food & beverage industry, manufacturers want to know how to get more done, in less time, with fewer complications. Traceability software in manufacturing is a powerful tool that helps ...
BLOG May 18

Santa Claus is a Power User of ThinkIQ’s A.I. & Computer Vision

North Pole Times Investigation Reveals the Shocking Truth The North Pole Times conducted a months long investigation that included dozens of interviews with elf helpers at the main toy factory. The elves requested anonymity to reveal just how much times have changed with the introduction of ThinkIQ’s machine learning, and computer vision.
BLOG May 16

Computer Vision Does Not Lie

With Computer Vision & Machine Learning we finally have one irrefutable version of the truth. In my very early days of manufacturing and operations we were taught that the only way to really know what was going on was to walk around the manufacturing floor, warehouses, stockrooms, and shipping and receiving docks. It might even include a stop ...
BLOG May 13

5 Reasons Why IoT Traceability Software Eliminates Surprises In Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, surprises are almost always a setback, from broken down equipment, to a late shipment, missed defect, contamination, or a costly recall. Today’s manufacturing landscape is unpredictable. But what’s the best way to navigate such volatility? Supply chain traceability. More specifically, the advanced visibility of ...
BLOG May 11

The Stone Age Meets the Digital Age

How Computer Vision and Machine Learning is Revolutionizing the Aggregate and Cement Industry
BLOG May 09

Manage Your Floor Operations from the Beach

Regardless of the level of sophistication of your systems or the complexity of operations, there is no easy way to monitor a work center today. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems push work onto the floor in batches or via kan bans. Manufacturing Execution or Shop Floor Control Systems help control and schedule work around available people ...
BLOG May 06

Why Quality Control Is Important In Food And Beverage Manufacturing

Quality control is important in any industry, but perhaps none more so than the food and beverage industry. Food manufacturers source and manage highly sensitive raw ingredients that consumers continuously depend on, and even a minor incident compromising quality can have disastrous outcomes, making it imperative that food safety quality control ...
BLOG May 04

Shop Floor Controls & Manufacturing Execution Systems Meet Computer Vision

Computerized Shop Floor Control (SFC) Systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) date back over 40 years and were designed to track and document the transformation of raw materials first into work-in-process (WIP) and finally into finished goods. MES systems are designed to work in a wide variety of manufacturing environments and to ...
BLOG May 02

Think IQ

The Industry 4.0 Data Revolution

Proven to improve manufacturing yield, safety, quality, and compliance by making sense of your data.

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