How To Build A Supply Chain That Is Ready For The Future

Many parents struggle with the notion that sometimes they should allow their children to fail. Obviously, if your kid decides to get into the kitchen knives to simulate an epic lightsaber duel with his or her siblings, it’s time to intervene. But if you find yourself constantly making excuses for and protecting your kid from the consequences of ...
BLOG Apr 21

American Supply Chain Summit 2021 Sponsor And Workshop

It should be no surprise that American Supply Chain Summit 2021 will be a virtual event to accommodate the challenges with social distancing but still provide the world-class access to the latest in supply chain management technologies and best practices. We at ThinkIQ are excited to announce that we will be a sponsor and host a workshop this ...
BLOG Apr 19

How Manufacturers Are Contextualizing Data In 2021

I’ve got a great deal for ya. I’ll sell you this high-end laptop for $5. Amazing, right? But the power cord — that’ll cost you $3,000. It’s an old trope, but there’s a lesson to be learned. A product is only as good as the sum of all its parts. What good is an exotic European sports car if the tires have no air? Why bother with a 4K monitor if ...
BLOG Apr 14

Why IIoT Is Changing Supply Chain Management

Seeding your lawn isn’t so bad. Basically you clear and prep the soil, spread seed, water, and in good time, you’re mowing and edging beautiful green grass. That is of course assuming yours isn’t the size of the White House lawn. That’s a little more labor-intense. Imagine if you had to seed Yankee Stadium? Or Augusta. Obviously, those who ...
BLOG Apr 07

What Is The Industrial Internet Of Things?

Fridges nowadays have touchscreens. There’s an Instant Pot with WiFi. My porch automatically lights up for 15 minutes when I arrive home after dark. Forget those cute yet mildly terrifying robotic dogs, it’s the small creature comforts of everyday life made possible by advances in technology that remind us we’re living in a magical age. A guy was ...
BLOG Mar 31

7 Benefits Of Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

Change is as inevitable as death and taxes. Change, in fact, is the driver of those two certainties. If changes in health due to age, genes, and environment don’t get you first, a speeding semi might. And the ever-changing nature of vocation, the economy, even family has a dramatic effect on your tax status every year. Like sands through the ...
BLOG Mar 24

What Is Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing?

Imagine handing a smartphone to a caveman. The leap in technology from fire to 4K video might make his brain explode. But what about someone from more recent times? Imagine showing that same smartphone to an assembly line worker from the early 20th century. That device would be absolutely mind-blowing, but the path to such an achievement could in ...
BLOG Mar 17

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Improving Supply Chain Management

The computer age is incredible. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are making possible what we once only dreamed of in TV shows like The Jetsons and Futurama. But aside from robot maids and galactic space travel, the greatest everyday impact of real futuristic technology can be felt in practical terms. AI makes everything from ...
BLOG Mar 10

What Is Supply Chain Managment?

In recent times, the general public has gained a heightened awareness of quite a few new topics that no one would have ever anticipated. Certainly, politics have taken a prominent place in many people’s lives in recent years, regardless of your party affiliation. There can be no doubt that far more people understand the nuts and bolts of ...
BLOG Mar 03

How To Reduce Warranty Reserve Balances In Manufacturing

Warranty Reserve is a fund maintained by a manufacturing companies to meet warranty expenses. The warranty reserve balance is the balance left after deductions of claim expenses for the year. The accrual rate is usually a fixed percentage of sales and is managed by the finance department of the company. But it does not need to be that way because ...
BLOG Feb 24

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