3 Key Industry 4.0 Technology Trends Changing Manufacturing in 2023

Jan 25, 2023 8:15:00 AM / by ThinkIQ

Amidst the increasing global economic instability of the last few years, manufacturers have adapted by adopting new Industry 4.0 technology solutions to turn turmoil into a competitive advantage. These technologies are shaping the future of manufacturing for greater resilience and efficiency as they continue to revolutionize the way factories and supply chains operate.

As we head into 2023, let’s look at three key Industry 4.0 technology trends that are driving innovation in the manufacturing industry.

3 Key Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Trends In 2023

The IIoT Revolution Will Continue to Accelerate

 Manufacturers in 2023 will increasingly use IIoT devices and sensors to collect data from their in-plant operations, and across the entire supply chain. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a growing interest in IIoT as it allows for remote monitoring of equipment performance and the ability to quickly identify issues and potential solutions even from afar.

 Data is the name of the game these days; it’s at the foundation of any successful Smart Manufacturing operation, and it starts with IIoT automating the data collection process through an interconnected network of intelligent devices. Information can be sent straight to data communications infrastructure and processed into actionable insights that are then leveraged for greater efficiency.

 IIoT predictive maintenance will be a focus in 2023, as manufacturers use the technology to gather invaluable equipment information that will allow them to act in advance of breakdowns and outages, avoiding costly disruptions in the production process. 

Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Improve for Better Data Analytics

 With all this data to sift through, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are improving in parallel to better process it. Big data analytics systems are using increasingly advanced AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to analyze more of the ever-expanding data at our disposal, more accurately, and in real time. In 2023, more manufacturers will integrate this advanced AI and ML into their operations to improve data processing, optimize machinery and processes, identify areas of improvement, and to drive better business decisions that ultimately increase revenue.

Current economic uncertainty will continue to influence this shift as manufacturers seek to take a closer look at their data for better visibility into their operations and improved forecasting. Blind spots have hindered manufacturing performance like never before in recent times; a new generation of AI and ML technology will reimagine what levels of visibility and traceability are possible for manufacturers, helping them to better navigate uncertainty while outpacing the competition in productivity and efficiency.

Increased Cloud Adoption Across More Manufacturing Businesses

 The manufacturing industry already leads all other industries in cloud adoption. In 2023, more manufacturers will seek to harness the full power of big data analytics through further adoption of cloud computing, and cloud-based manufacturing software. Increasingly, cloud adoption is becoming the bedrock for building the smart factory of the future, as a broader spectrum of manufacturers migrate their operations.

 The pay-as-you-go nature of cloud-based manufacturing services is making Smart Manufacturing more affordable for small and medium enterprises as well as large global organizations. A greater number of manufacturing businesses will have the ability to access accurate, advanced analytical models of their operations, such as the digital twin, and a single source of truth and data sharing across the organization, in real time — allowing for outcomes like better collaboration, traceability, safety, and overall production performance.

The Way Forward - An Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Platform That Brings It All Together

As Industry 4.0 trends progress throughout 2023, manufacturers can maximize the advantages of new technologies by implementing a solid manufacturing platform into their operations.

 ThinkIQ’s Transformational Intelligence platform helps manufacturers generate the most value from their data to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

 ThinkIQ enables manufacturers to collect, analyze, and act on data from disparate sources in realtime, providing centralized, contextualized intelligence. By integrating AI and machine learning capabilities, ThinkIQ can help manufacturers quickly identify patterns and trends in their data, leading to greater yield, safety, quality, and compliance. It’s all part of a 5-stage path that transforms companies into Smart Manufacturing organizations able to reap the full benefits of Industry 4.0.

 With ThinkIQ, manufacturers are empowered to make better, data-driven decisions using realtime insights, helping them to remain competitive, and stay ahead of industry trends in 2023 and beyond.

Get ahead of manufacturing tech trends in 2023 — Reach out to a ThinkIQ expert today to start an Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing transformation for your organization. You can also download our new eBook,Using Computer Vision to Fill Manufacturing and Warehousing Blind Spots with Actionable Data” to learn more about how to gain greater visibility into your manufacturing process.


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