Machine Learning For A Streamlined, More Efficient Manufacturing Data Center

Jun 1, 2022 8:15:00 AM / by ThinkIQ

As the Industry 4.0 digital transformation (aka Smart Manufacturing) progresses, more and more manufacturing industries are seeking to optimize data collection and analysis in order to utilize data to its maximum potential. Data centers are essential for storing and processing this data but running a data center using conventional methods involving a substantial human element can prove costly. To streamline data center tasks and increase efficiency, many organizations are looking for better solutions — thats where machine learning technology enters the Smart Manufacturing equation.

Machine Learning For A More Streamlined, Efficient Manufacturing Data Center

Machine learning (ML) — considered a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), — uses data and algorithms to find patterns and make predictions, allowing machines to “learn,” to understand, and to improve repetitive functions over time.

In today’s data-saturated world, the use of ML in data centers can help manufacturers stay ahead of the torrent and streamline processes in key ways:

Detecting Anomalies - Machine learning uses computer vision algorithms to detect anomalies in manufacturing materials and products with accuracy, and in realtime, something that might take hours or be missed entirely when depending on human effort. Automation of this inspection process can identify defects earlier in the process, increasing quality control and reducing risk of costly recalls.

Spotting Inefficiencies - ML can rapidly identify inefficiencies that are slowing down operations and illuminate opportunities for improvement that would provide a meaningful increase in throughput and productivity, and a significant reduction in a company’s bottom line. (Yet another reason it’s called “Smart Manufacturing.”)

Equipment Monitoring - Equipment failures can be expensive for organizations, and costly in terms of downtime and a reduction in service to the consumer. ML can use pattern-based learning and predictive analytics to quickly identify when equipment is in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Faster Decision Making - Machine learning facilitates prescriptive analytics that provide actionable insight, allowing for more responsive, more precise, and more timely decision making around critical events and activities.

Regulation Compliance - The automation and advanced contextualization of data machine learning can provide also delivers more reliable, standardized processes and outcomes, of significance when companies are aiming to maintain compliance with stringent regulations.

The use of machine learning in data centers streamlines tasks through more intelligent data management, and it’s becoming more prevalent. A 2021 study found that 83% of organizations are increasing their AI and ML budgets year after year, and it’s easy to understand why — with the dramatic increase in data over recent years, legacy methods are no longer sufficient. AI and ML use in Smart Manufacturing provide the much needed support for companies looking to get a handle on all the data at their disposal, and to harness it for a Smart Manufacturing business that runs more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Data Center Management With Machine Learning

The solution to data overwhelm is available with the help of machine learning, and ThinkIQ is at the forefront of empowering manufacturers to revolutionize their enterprises with this transformational Industry 4.0 technology. ThinkIQ takes manufacturing businesses through the 5 stages needed to reach fully automated Smart Manufacturing status. Our Transformational Intelligence platform centralizes, correlates, and contextualizes data using advanced AI and ML, delivering a complete overview of all your manufacturing operations, cause & effect identification, industry benchmark reporting, and cross-plant KPIs. With ThinkIQ, you’ll be able to rapidly spot operational anomalies much earlier in the process, identify opportunities for improvement, and benefit from an instant, intelligent view of operations, from supplier to customer.

In a manufacturing landscape that is continuously evolving, streamline your data center tasks and fortify your business with the significant improvement in agility and efficiency that machine learning and ThinkIQ can provide.

Drowning in data? ThinkIQ can help. One of our experts is standing by now to show you how you can dramatically streamline your data center tasks with machine learning, for a thriving Smart Manufacturing enterprise. You can also start by downloading our eBook titled "Advanced Material Traceability Revolutionizes Digital Transformation".

ThinkIQ Guide to Smart Manufacturing

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