Why Industry 4.0 Is Changing The Food & Beverage Industry

Feb 23, 2022 8:15:00 AM / by ThinkIQ

If you haven’t been living under a proverbial rock recently, you may have noticed the rapidly increasing pace at which unprecedented change is unfolding in our world today, change that has only hastened and intensified 2 years into a global pandemic. Society as we know it is being reshaped in lasting ways, and the manufacturing sector is no exception; from innovation to globalization to digitalization - everything is in flux.

There’s no denying, the winds of change are in full force and none of us is immune to the gusts — for a prime example, look no further than the Food & Beverage Industry, which is facing formidable new challenges amidst evolving consumer trends, ever more stringent regulatory requirements, and rising costs. Transparency, sustainability, waste reduction, food safety - these are all significant concerns in need of addressing if food manufacturers want to stay relevant, competitive and optimally profitable, and as that aforementioned quickly shifting change continues to accelerate, relying on old strategies is no longer a viable option.

Luckily, the innovations of Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution - offer powerful new solutions for food manufacturers that are transforming the Food & Beverage Industry in meaningful ways.

Industry 4.0 - The Future Is Now 

Industry 4.0, relies heavily on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and refers to the interconnectivity of machines, people, and data in manufacturing processes - automation is taken to a whole new level through cyber-physical systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence, giving manufacturers access to more data than ever before, and more comprehensive, advanced ways of analyzing it in real-time. With Industry 4.0 technology, businesses can optimize operations with a more holistic view of the entire manufacturing process and all of its components, from parts, to equipment, to factories, to entire systems - better performance monitoring and traceability means improved decision making, increased efficiency and greater productivity.

So how does this kind of technology benefit the Food & Beverage Industry? Oh, let us count the ways:

A Revolution In Food & Beverage Manufacturing 

The possibilities offered to food manufacturers through incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies are considerable: 

  • Increased traceability allows for increased vigilance over food safety
  • More advanced automation and machine-to-machine communication improves food quality assurance, enabling companies to remain in compliance with shifting regulations.
  • Real-time data allows for swift response to ever-evolving consumer needs and demands in the Food & Beverage Industry, including transparency and sustainability
  • Comprehensive insights into processes across the supply chain ensure bottlenecks and issues are identified and quickly addressed, allowing for waste and cost reduction
  • The power of continuous intelligence enhances management of complex global supply chains, increasing productivity and driving growth

Industry 4.0 presents an exciting revolution in the way food manufacturing businesses operate, one that companies simply cannot afford to ignore.

Industry 4.0 In Action 

Industry 4.0 technology empowers Food & Beverage companies to adapt and thrive in these turbulent times, equipping food manufacturers with modern solutions that improve food safety and quality, compliance, yield, sustainability, profitability and brand confidence — and ThinkIQ’s Digital Manufacturing Transformation SaaS makes it all possible. Time is of the essence - join our clients such as General Mills, McCain, Corning, and Mars in saving millions of dollars by implementing this revolutionary data technology. The journey begins by taking the first steps, and that includes finding the right partners to guide you in deciding which processes are right for your business - ThinkIQ is here to help you stay ahead of the game as you strive to meet the needs of the future - now.

Stay current amidst these changing tides - Get in touch with a ThinkIQ expert today to discuss the powerful Industry 4.0 innovations available to help transform your food manufacturing business, or download a copy of our eBook "Advanced Material Traceability Revolutionizes Digital Transformation" here.


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