Why Transformational Intelligence Delivers Actionable Insights for Manufacturers

Aug 23, 2022 8:15:00 AM / by ThinkIQ

Manufacturers may have access to data — in fact they may be swimming in it. But the difference maker in optimizing manufacturing processes comes when that data is contextualized, analyzed, and leveraged in real time.

Transformational Intelligence is contextualizing data and delivering actionable insights for manufacturers across industries for improved yield, safety, quality, and compliance. Here’s how.

How Existing Data Becomes Actionable Insights With Transformational Intelligence 

These days, data is our most valuable resource, and in modern manufacturing, manufacturers are faced with an overwhelming stream of it.

Within all this data is the potential to mine insights that can then influence decision-making and drive a meaningful shift in outcomes. Maximizing actionable insights from data is the key to data-driven success for manufacturers, and Transformational Intelligence makes it possible.

Transformational Intelligence acts as a continuous intelligence solution that utilizes Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing technology to supply realtime analytics for current and historical data across manufacturing operations.

First, data is collected from the earliest point in the supply chain through to the delivery of the finished product, whether via Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and sensors or other methods like human-machine interfaces (HMI), or even manual data captures.

Data is then centralized and made viewable on one screen, with standardized metrics applied that provide wide visibility and context to the data.

Industry 4.0 technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) correlate data, enabling a granular, material-centric view of operations. Manufacturers have access to advanced visualizations of their entire manufacturing line, including cause and effect identification, where previously unseen correlations and root issues can be revealed.

All this forms the foundation for Transformational Intelligence to offer maximum value from existing data, closing the gap between information and action. Operational anomalies can be spotted quickly, and much earlier in the process, improving response times. Opportunities for improvement surface. Predictive and prescriptive analytics support and even automate decision-making. Fully autonomous Smart Manufacturing becomes possible.

Transformational Intelligence delivers advanced end-to-end traceability, optimized supply chains, and fully transparent, realtime contextualized data. The advantages are significant — increased plant and product safety, reduced risk and waste, maximum efficiency and productivity, the utmost in agility and resilience. With Transformational Intelligence, manufacturers are empowered to make the most of their data, for a better bottom line, and a more competitive enterprise in a complex manufacturing landscape.

An Experienced Partner In Transformational Intelligence 

When it comes to optimizing manufacturing processes, actionable insight is everything — ThinkIQ supplies Transformational Intelligence (TI) that goes far beyond analytics to reveal how every element of your supply and manufacturing chain may impact the final product, allowing you to intelligently transform your process. Our five-stage path to Smart Manufacturing leads to safer products and improved key metrics.

ThinkIQ technology, for example, has helped create the ideal shape for cost-effective onion rings, thwarted a potential recall due to a broken-down truck, and saved an already-efficient global manufacturer tens of millions of dollars by pointing them to a few small changes.

Our Smart Manufacturing solutions allow you to visualize and contextualize data from your supply chain through your manufacturing plant in actionable ways that increase safety, compliance, and efficiency. It's not just industry analytics — it's truly Transformational Intelligence.

A revolution in your manufacturing process is just around the corner — Reach out to a ThinkIQ expert to find out how our Transformational Intelligence platform can transform your manufacturing enterprise, turning data into action. We also have a new selection guide eBook,An Evaluation Guide to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing,” to help you better understand the questions you should be asking. Download your copy today.


ThinkIQ Guide to Smart Manufacturing

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